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Towing Products

Towing Products

F Trucks stocks an extensive range of towing products to suit all F-Series models, including: 10,000-lbs towbars, tongues, 5th Wheel hitches, and pintle hooks.

Hidden Hitch

These 10,000-lbs towbars enable conventional towing of up to 4.5 tonne. This is still legally allowable and within the specifications of the vehicle.

These towbars are manufactured to the highest standards and come with removable tongues. Drop tongues in various heights are also available.

Pintle Hooks

A pintle hook is a coupling device used for trailers. It has a curved, fixed towing horn and an upper latch that opens to accept the drawbar eye of a trailer.

This system is used to provide for extra towing security especially on heavy loads.

5th Wheel Hitch

If you’re going to be towing a whole lot of weight, you’ll need to step up to a fifth-wheel or gooseneck hitch. These types of hitches are more commonly used for RVs and horse trailers, but they often are employed on heavier race car and vehicle transporter trailers.

Fifth-wheel and gooseneck hitches mount in the middle of a pickup truck’s bed and are supported by the truck’s chassis over the rear axle, which explains in part why they can be used to tow substantially more tongue weight and gross trailer weight than a receiver-style hitch.






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