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Performance Parts


F Trucks stocks an extensive range of performance parts to suit all F-Series models.

We stock a wide range of products for vehicles ranging ’99 models to the current series of 7.3l engines. We also have access to products for early model Fords and all Dodge and Chevy truck applications.

Our performance parts are sourced from the best diesel performance suppliers that North America and Canada has to offer.


BD Power is Canada’s foremost authority on diesel performance products. F Trucks stocks BD Power engine chips, programmers, exhaust systems, and transmission performance parts.

BD Power Chips

Available in 80 or 120 rear wheel horsepower upgrades, this is a simple plug-in chip for your ECU. However, the 120hp upgrade does require other parts to also be fitted. These items automatically remove the speed limiter fitted to your vehicle.

BD Power Programmers

Dial your horsepower up to 80hp.These units also retrieve fault codes from your vehicle and can be used for diagnosing problems with your vehicle. These units also remove the speed limiter and allow performance testing from 0-60mph and over the standing ¼ mile.

BD Power Exhaust Systems

These full 4-inch systems include a 5-inch outlet tip. The front pipe for these systems has been designed in our workshop and is built to suit right-hand drive vehicles – a necessity, as a left hand drive pipe will not fit vehicles produced for the local market.

BD Power Transmission Performance

If you really want to go all out, we have high performance torque converters, shift kits, and pressure locs to increase line pressure and stop slippage, as well as transmission oil coolers and deep pan transmission sumps. We can even order complete high performance and hi-spec transmissions already built.

BD Power Exhaust Brake Kits

These are great for towing heavy loads or for those who want their vehicle to sound like a truck.

BD Power Air Intake Kits

We have fully replaceable air intake systems or upgrades available for your existing air box, depending on what other enhancements you are making to your truck.

BD Power Turbochargers

We stock high flow turbochargers for the current F series. These GTP38 ball bearing turbos flow 33% more than the current stock turbo units and can really get your truck up and going in a hurry.

BD Power X-Monitor Gauges

These digital gauges provide readouts on the turbo boost exhaust temp and transmission temp, and have built-on warning beepers if, in the rare occurrence, something does go wrong.


Since 1958, Gale Banks Engineering has devoted itself to improving performance on both petrol and diesel engine powered tow vehicles and motor homes. They also supply petrol engines up to 1100hp.

Banks Power Big Hoss Chips

These chips can be supplied in 80 & 120hp. However, the 120-chip requires exhaust, transmission and air intake upgrades.

Banks Power Exhaust Systems

These full 4-inch exhaust systems are manufactured from stainless steel. They must be utilised with the your F trucks front exhaust section.

Banks Power Technicooler Intercooler

This turbo intercooler flows 18% more than the stock unit providing more direct cooling for your turbo system.

Other turbo upgrades available from Gale Banks Engineering include: exhaust brakes, high flow turbo housings, high boost compressor wheels, and bighead waste gate actuators.

Banks Power Exhaust Brake Kits

Gale Banks provides a fully comprehensive exhaust brake kit complete with all the components you may require for that perfect factory look fit.

Banks Power Gauges

Banks’ dial gauges are an alternative to the X monitor digital read-out, as they feature a standard round gauge appearance. Gauges available include: turbo boost, exhaust temp, engine oil temp, and transmission oil temp.

If you can’t find the parts you’re after, let us know!
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